The zultanite stone, also called diaspore, is one of the rarest stones on earth. It is only mined in the Ilbir Mountains of Turkey and is famous for its color changing effect. All of our zultanite jewerly pieces are made of solid 925 sterling silver, as we are commited to providing you with high quality jewelry that are classic and sustainable.
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There has in fact never been a more wonderful and also elegant time for great jewelry. With the intro of high modern-day technology in this contemporary age, male has obtained an admiration for the finer factors in life. He will not go for simply dime-a-dozen valuable fashion jewelry. Instead, he...

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1. Cleanse with salt The standard way to cleanse and charge a topaz stone is to use salt. How do we do it? If you use large grains of salt, then simply put the salt on a plate or dish and then bury the stone within the salt for about 24 hours. Reminder, it can be longer than 24 hours, but not sho...

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Is moissanite a diamond? No. Moissante is a stone very similar to the natural diamond. Moissanite's internal structure and appearance are so strikingly similar to diamonds that even when tested with a professional tool, it can still be identified to be a diamond.   The advantage of mois...

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